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«Bank of Baku» учредил в Университете «Qafqaz» «Лабораторию финансов и бухгалтерского учета»

21 Июнь 2013

“Bank of Baku” held a formal opening ceremony of the “Finances and Accounting Laboratory” at the Caucasus University. The Laboratory was opened with the support of the Bank. The opening ceremony was attended by the management of the Bank and of the University, as well as by students and teachers and instructors.

Chairman of the Management Board of “Bank of Baku”, Farid Huseynov, who gave a speech at the opening ceremony, spoke about the important role of education in today’s world, and emphasized that he believed teachers, instructors, specialists and students will be making a good use of the Laboratory.

In his turn, the Chair of the Caucasus University, Professor Ahmet Sanic spoke about initiatives undertaken at the University towards the development of the education.

The Laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, as well as with printed and electronic means of education for ACCA, CIMA, CFA and other courses. The Laboratory will also host seminars on the appropriate programs. The Laboratory will play its special role towards the growing of highly skilled specialists. The Laboratory was given into the use of students of the Economic Faculty of the Caucasus University. The courses will be delivered by professors and teachers of the University. The Laboratory is provided with computers and has the most up to date electronic screen.

“Bank of Baku” and the Caucasus University are in efficient cooperation relationships for several years by now and last November the two sides entered into a cooperation agreement. The primary purpose of the document was to share the Bank’s knowledge and experience with the University and to avail the students of the opportunity to be engaged with the activities of the Bank. Within the framework of the agreement, currently 11 students of the University are receiving a monthly stipend awarded by the Bank.