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Payment Card Security Precautions

  • Never  give the card and card details such as card number, expiry date, CVV and PIN codes to third persons, including family and friends;
  • Put your sign on the reverse side of the card after you receive it
  • Never keep the PIN code near the card, write it down on your  card or  the phone.  Try to keep in mind the PIN code or if applicable for your card’s  type, use the PIN change service at any of our bank’s ATM’s choosing a PIN code that’s convenient for you;
  • Use SMS and Internet banking services to detect any unauthorized transactions  in a timely manner; should this happen, block the card immediately and contact the bank to investigate;
  • If the card is lost, promptly block the card by contacting the customer support service. To this end you will need a code word and the last 8 digits of the card’s number. You can also block the card via SMS and Internet banking services;
  • Be mindful of the bank card keeping and utilization conditions. Do not expose the card to any mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic effects and make sure you keep it from getting damped. The bank card cannot be stored near a mobile phone, home and office appliances / machinery;
  • Try to use ATM’s installed in public places (for example, government agencies, bank branches, large trading malls, etc.); Discard the transaction if there are additional devices on the ATM's keyboard and card reader.
  • At an ATM or POS-terminal, enter the PIN code so that no one else could see it, e.g., you can block the view of the terminal keyboard with your hand;
  • If you are going to use the card for  online payments only, purchase the Virtual Card specifically designed for this;
  • Only SSL-protected web-sites should be used. Try to make purchases from your own computer only;
  • Select a suitable for you usage limit group.
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