Call Center - 145

“145 – Information Centre” . From information scope, software opportunities and technical capacity points of view, our Information Centre, being the first of its kind in the banking sector in Azerbaijan, will provide our clients and customers, as well as general public in Azerbaijan with a chance to receive information on various products and services offered by “Bank of Baku”. Just by calling 145 any time of the day, 7 days a week, any person may get an automatic reply on various topics related to the Bank

Automated data
  • The recent developments and news of the Bank
  • Detailed information on main retail products and services offered by the Bank, including, deposits, mortgage loans, consumer financing, plastic cards, travel cheques, urgent money transfers, etc. (applicable terms, principal requirements, charges, and so
  • Currency exchange rates as applied by the Bank at the relevant date (for sale and purchase of US Dollars, Russian Roubles and EURO)
  • Addresses, as well as phone and fax numbers for branches and service points of the Bank
  • Addresses of ATMs of the Bank
  • Payment details of the Bank
Obtaining information
  • Moreover, software used by our Information Centre is able to provide callers with some additional benefits.
  • For example, a caller may leave with us his brief details (name and phone number) and information on services or products he or she is wiling to obtain, and a representative of the Bank will be in touch with that person shortly.
  • We have also arranged a separate section for those who have suggestions, or may be complaints about activities, level of quality or products of the Bank.
  • In this section a caller, after providing some personal details, may have the thoughts recorded into our system.
  • A special group of representatives of the Information Centre will periodically review and evaluate calls made, especially suggestions and complaints provided.
  • As it was mentioned, along with automated replies on various topics, anybody can use our Information Centre to get in touch with the Operator and to get live answers to questions and inquiries
  • This will facilitate obtaining by individuals of detailed and accurate information on most popular topics, as well as to get answers to various questions related to other sections of the call menu.
  • In brief, from now on if you have any issue of interest related to Bank of Baku, you will simply have to dial 145 from any land or mobile line.