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Cash by Code

Cash by Code is a service intended for safe and convenient transfer of funds by a cardholder at any time of the day through the Internet banking and the receipt of these funds in cash by a person who is not a cardholder through the ATM infrastructure. This service is available for cardholders of Bank of Baku OJSC. To use the service, the cardholder should log into the personal account in the Internet banking, choose the ‘Cash by Code’ function in the ‘Money Transfers’ section, and perform the below actions:

  • specify the payer's mobile phone number;
  • specify the recipient's mobile phone number;
  • specify the amount transferred;
  • choose the card to be charged from the list;
  • press the ‘Confirm’ button to transfer the amount.

The system generates a special password consisting of 2 parts of 6 digits each. The first part of the password (the first six digits) is sent to the payer's mobile phone number, and the second part (the second six digits) is sent to the recipient's mobile phone number via SMS notification. The payer should disclose the password received via SMS-notification to the recipient. To withdraw funds, the recipient should choose the Cash by Code function at the ATM and sequentially enter the passwords obtained. If the data entered is correct, the recipient receives the funds.

Note. The service fee for the transfer of funds is charged from the payer. The recipient does not pay any service fee. The payer can only transfer a round sum of money multiple of 5 AZN at a minimum amount of 5 AZN.

The Cash by Code service fee is charged as follows:

Card chargedService FeeDaily limit
Bank of Baku0.5 % (1 AZN min.)5 AZN min. – 1,000 AZN max.
Azerikard2 % (1 AZN min.)5 AZN min. – 500 AZN max.
MilliKart1 % (1 AZN min.)5 AZN min. – 500 AZN max.
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