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New “Yasamal” Branch Office of “Bank of Baku” in Baku – Future Starts Today!

28 March 2013

“Yasamal” Branch Office of “Bank of Baku” has moved to new office premises which was constructed following a special design. The Bank’s “Yasamal” Branch Office is situated at Nazim Hikmat Street 32C (opposite to Hezz Club).

“Yasamal” Branch is situated within a building of 700 square meters and is provided with all the latest technologies. Branch is equipped with screens which play video files on the existing campaigns and services offered by the Bank, electronic queuing system, payment terminals situated inside and outside of the building of the Branch for the repayment of loans and making payments into accounts, as well as a dedicated IT equipment designated to provide customers with flawless services.

Speaking on the occasion of the opening of this Branch Office, the Chief Officer of “Bank of Baku”, Farid Alizada stated that the opening of the new branch is being carried as a part of the new strategic development program which was enacted recently. Mr Alizada noted as follows: “Our aim is to improve our branches network in order to provide our ever growing customers base with more flexible and more efficient services. By its architecture, our new Branch’s building reflects the features of our today’s magnificent and modern city. We shall be pleased to meet and greet our customers at the new premises and we are proud of our contribution to the dynamic appearance of Baku.”

Operating hours of the “Yasamal” Branch Office of “Bank of Baku” are Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Lunch break is from 1 pm to 2 pm daily. Branch Office is providing all types of banking services.

Please feel free to call the Bank at its Call Centre, at 145, in order to get more details on various products and services offered by “Bank of Baku” to its customers. You can also address your questions to the Bank by visiting our dedicated section in Facebook at:

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