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New: “Savings Club” by “Bank of Baku”: club of privileges to savings account holders!

27 March 2013

In order to ensure that savings account holders have an opportunity to benefit from banking products upon privileged terms, “Bank of Baku” has launched a new “Savings Club” project. Any deposit account holder with the history of at least 12 months may become a member of this Club. Depending upon the term of relationships with the Bank, members of the Club are divided into 3 groups:

  • Prestige (deposit account holders with the history from 12 months to 36 months with the Bank)
  • Lux (deposit account holders with the history from 36 months to 60 months with the Bank)
  • Elite (deposit account holders with the history of over 60 months with the Bank)

Within each group, customers are divided into further 3 categories. Special cards and benefits are applicable upon customers representing each particular group.

Depending upon a type of the card, a customer will have a chance to benefit from a special set of benefits. These include a special bonus interest rate for members of the “Savings Club”, loan tied to the deposit and provided with a special interest rate, free of charge SMS banking and Internet banking.

A customer’s savings history is calculated from 2005 and breaks are not included within the overall history period.

You can get more details on the Club by following this link - “Savings Club”.

We wish to remind you that as of the end of February of this year, the total amount of the loan portfolio of “Bank of Baku” exceeded AZN 288 mln. Thus, in comparison with the similar period of the last year, the Bank achieved an increase of 49% for the loans portfolio.

Please feel free to call the Bank at its Call Centre, at 145, in order to get more details on various products and services offered by “Bank of Baku” to its customers. You can also address your questions to the Bank by visiting our dedicated section in Facebook at:

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