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“Bank of Baku” again becomes a leading bank in non-cash settlements!

2 September 2013

According to the monthly report of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the month of July related to non-cash settlements, “Bank of Baku” holds the 1st place in this category among all local banks. According to the coefficient as calculated by the Central Bank, in relation to the number of issued plastic cards, the highest number of non-cash settlements was carried out by means of ATMs and POS terminals of “Bank of Baku”. During the month of July, 281,714 transactions were carried out using plastic cards issued by “Bank of Baku”. According to the monthly report, total number of cards issued by “Bank of Baku” is 306,390.

In the “Electronic Banking Services” section of the report, “Bank of Baku” holds the second position.

We wish to remind you that in the Central Bank’s report on non-cash settlements for the month of May, “Bank of Baku” also held the 1st position. Thus, it is already the second month when “Bank of Baku” is recognized as the leader bank in this area.

By supporting non-cash settlements, “Bank of Baku» makes its contribution to the realization of the policy of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the stimulation of non-cash settlements in Azerbaijan.

Majority of plastic cards issued by “Bank of Baku”, being one of the leading financial establishments within the segment of plastic cards in Azerbaijan, is represented by Bolkart, “Friends Club” cards issued to loyal customers, VISA and MasterCard, as well as co-branded Mybrand’s and Ideal credit cards. Bolkart credit card has special weight in “Bank of Baku” being one of the leaders in the plastic cards market. Thus, as of today over 140,000 citizens of Azerbaijan have an opportunity to pay for their purchases with Bolkart.

You can get further details on credit cards issued by “Bank of Baku” by calling our Information Call Centre at 145 or by visiting our Facebook page at

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