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ATM in the head office

Ataturk ave. 42, Baku
Adress:Ataturk ave. 40/42, Baku
Rate: (AZN, USD)
Terminal ATM001, ATM015, ATM030, ATM013

ATM in the «Azneft» branch

Netchilar ave. 65, Baku
Adress:Netchilar ave. 65, Baku
Rate: (AZN)
Terminal ATM006

ATM in the «Bakıkhanov» branch

Ganclar str. The 4081th quarter., Baku
Adress:Ganclar str. The 4081th quarter., Baku
Rate: (AZN)
Terminal ATM011

ATM in the "Admin office"

A.Nematulla str.63/65, Baku
Adress: A.Nematulla str.63/65, Baku
Rate: (AZN)
Terminal ATM020

ATM in the «Ahmedli» branch

Sarayevo str, the 23/65th quarter, Baku
Adress:Sarayevo str, the 23/65th quarter, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM031

ATM in the «Hazi Aslanov» branch

Mahammed Hadi ave., 152C, Baku
Adress: Baku ,  Mahammed Hadi ave., 152C
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM034

ATM in the «Central» branch

Azerbaijan ave. 3, Baku
Adress:Azerbaijan ave. 3, Baku
Rate: (AZN, USD)
Terminal ATM005, ATM022

ATM in the «Mardakan» branch

Khazar desrt., Mardakan, Baku
Adress: Khazar district, at entrance of Mardakan district (in the southern part of road Baku-Mardakan)
Rate: (AZN)
Terminal ATM027

«Nasimi» branch

A. Maharramov Street, 34A, Baku
Adress:A. Maharramov Street, 34A, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM012

ATM in the "Neftchiler" branch

G. Garayev ave. 59, Baku
Adress:G. Garayev ave. 59, Baku
Rate: (AZN, USD)
Terminal ATM002, ATM032

ATM in the «Otoplaza» branch

Z.Bünyadov. 118, Baku
Adress:Z.Bünyadov. 118, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM007

ATM in the "Samed Vurgun" branch

Pushkin, 12/14, Baku
Adress:AZ 1010, Nasimi, Pushkin ave., 12/14, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM042

ATM in the «Yasamal» branch

N. Hikmet ave., 32C, Baku
Adress:N. Hikmet ave., 32C, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM035

ATM in the «Narimanov» branch

Aga Nematulla 76H, Narimanov, Baku
Adress:Aga Nematulla 76H, Narimanov, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM033

ATM in the «Khirdalan» branch

H. Aliyev, 39, Khirdalan
Adress:Khirdalan city, H. Aliyev street. 39
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM029

ATM in the «Ganja» branch

Javadkhan str. 38, Ganja
Adress:Javadkhan str. 38, Ganja
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM045

ATM in the «Yeni Ganja» branch

N.Nərimanov, 42C, Ganja
Adress:Ganja, N.Nərimanov, 42C
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM043

ATM in the «Lenkaran» branch

H. Aslanov str. 1, Lenkoran
Adress:H. Aslanov str. 1, Lenkoran
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM016

ATM in the «Sumgait» branch

6 mcr. Z. Gajiev str.,3, Sumgait
Adress:6 mcr. Z. Gajiev str., Sumgait
Rate: (AZN, USD)
Terminal ATM014, ATM021

ATM in the «Shaki» branch

Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh, 149B, Shaki
Adress: Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh, 149B, Shaki
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM004

ATM in the «Shirvan» branch

M. Rasulzade str.,33, Shirvan
Adress:Shirvan city, M. Rasulzade street. 33
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM039

ATM in the branch «Khachmaz»

H.Aliyev str.,30, Xachmaz
Adress:Khachmaz, Heydar Aliyev str. 30
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM019

ATM in «Park Boulevard»

Neftchilar ave. Baku boulevard, Baku
Adress:Neftchilar ave. Baku boulevard, Baku
Rate: AZN
Working hours: 10:00/20:00
Terminal ATM028

ATM in "Merto Park"

Tebriz, 44, Baku
Adress:Metro Park T/M - Tebriz, 44, Baku
Rate: AZN
Working hours: 10:00/20:00
Terminal ATM041

28 Mall T/M

Shopping centre "28 Mall" Azadlig 27 Nasimi, Baku
Adress:Shopping centre "28 Mall" Azadlig 27 Nasimi, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM023

Favorit Market (Mir Jalal 59)

Mir Jalal 59 Binagadi, Baku
Adress:Mir Jalal 59 Binagadi, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM038

Shopping centre "Ganjlik mall"

Fatali khan Khoyski 14 Narimanov, Baku
Adress:Fatali khan Khoyski 14 Narimanov, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM046

ATM in the Baku Electronics A.Nakhchivani

A.Nakhchivani. 3066, Binagadi, Baku
Adress:A.Nakhchivani. 3066, Binagadi, Baku
Rate: (AZN)
Working hours: 10:00/20:00
Terminal ATM047

Improtex travel

Nizami 63, Nasimi, Baku
Adress:Nizami 63, Nasimi, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM010

Demirchi Tower (ATM)

Xocali 37, Khatai, Baku
Adress:Xocali 37, Khatai, Baku
Rate: (AZN)
Terminal ATM003

University of Architecture

Ayna Sultanova 11, Yasamal, Baku
Adress:Ayna Sultanova 11, Yasamal, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM033

Nizami Mall

Shikhali Gurbanov, Yasamal, Baku
Adress:Nizami Mall Shikhali Gurbanov, Yasamal, Baku
Rate: (AZN)
Working hours: 10:00/20:00
Terminal ATM036

"Gabala" Football Academy

Gabala, 28 May ave.
Adress:Gabala, 28 May ave.
Rate: (AZN)
Terminal ATM050


Akim Abbasov 73E, Yasamal, Baku
Adress:Akim Abbasov 73E, Yasamal, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM040

Inshaatchilar Filiali

Abbas Mirza Sharifzade ave, 560B
Adress:Abbas Mirza Sharifzade ave, 560B
Rate: (AZN)
Terminal ATM017

Baku Tobacco

1-st Kondalan 21, Nizami, Baku
Adress:1-st Kondalan 21, Nizami, Baku
Rate: AZN
Terminal ATM048
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