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If the validity period of the identification card expired, which documents can be used in substitution thereof?

If the validity period of the identification card has expired, as a substitute thereof, a person can use a document evidencing the identity of a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan (temporary identification card).

How long is the letter from the employer valid?

Letter from the employer is valid for 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of its issue.

What is the “Friends Club”?

“Friends Club” is a product offering privileges to customers having 12 months or longer period of relations with Bank of Baku AND possessing a positive credit history as per regulations elaborated by the bank. “Friends Club” provides for the issue of three types of cards to the customers: “Silver” (period of relations with the bank being up to 35 months), “Gold” (period of relations with the bank being from 36 to 59 months) and “Diamond” (period of relations with the bank being 60 months and above). Members of the “Friends Club” may become eligible to enjoy special bonuses and such benefits as a special express loan designated for special occasions. Special bonuses may be exchanged for mobile phones air time, or may be used for the setting off of commissions due on the issue of loans.

For further details, please visit:

Can I get a loan without queuing in the bank?

Yes, you can get a loan without waiting in a queue in the bank. To do this, you can use SMS Loan product, or can apply for a loan online and get your loan without queuing.

Please visit the following link to benefit from online application for a loan:

I am unable to make my payments during bank’s opening hours due to my work schedule. Can I make a payment outside of the bank’s working hours or without a visit to the bank?

You can may payments for the repayment of your loan 24 hours a day by using “Cash in” and “Milli ön” Payment Points, as well as without a need to visit the bank by means of a telephone banking or online loan repayment services of the bank. To make an online payment all you need is your credit card number.

You can make your online payments by visiting the following page:

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