“Savings life insurance” for staff

This is a joint project between OJSC Bank of Baku and OJSC Pasha Life Insurance. Please review the tariffs table below for more detailed information on benefits and advantages of the service.


Please note that the amount paid on the Savings account from your salary (insurance fee) is exempt from Income Tax and any tax payable to State Social Protection Fund.

SalaryBelow 2500Over 2500
Minimum termAmount paid to savings insurance is exempt from:
Income taxSSPFIncome taxSSPF
36 ay143% and 22%25% or 14%3% and 22%

The insurance fee paid is invested by OJSC Pasha Life Insurance to OJSC Bank of Baku. Income margins offered to clients by the Bank are:

Interest rateAnnual 7,25%Annual 0,5%
Benefits for employee:Benefits for entity:
Employees with salaries up to 2500 receive up to 50% income in addition to any amounts paid in to the saving insuranceStaff motivation and loyalty
Employees with salaries over 2500 receive up to 72% income in addition to any amounts paid in to the saving insuranceIncome for employees until the end of term without any additional costs for entity
Employees shall receive life insurance coverage in the amount to be received by them.