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«Corporative» deposit

For corporate clients

Minimum amount30000 AZN/USD/EUR
Maximum amountNo limitations
TermFrom 3 month to 24 months
Read more Interest rate

Opportunity to increase and decrease the deposit

Loan backed deposit

Free plastic card

Deposit calculator
Deposit terms


From 3 month to 24 months

From 3 month to 12 months - 1 month
From 12 month to 24 months - 3 month

Net interest payment

Monthly, on maturity

Original amount of the deposit

min.30000 AZN/USD/EUR

Maximum amount of the deposit

No limits

Net interest

İnterest rates are defined on individual basis.

Withdrawal of the deposit amount prior to the maturity

Net interest upon deposit or part of deposit withdrawn prior to the maturity shall be calculated as per the following formula: Net interest due on repaid amount or the amount of decrease (hereinafter referred to as «F») shall be recalculated under the following formula:
F = S * (R * (N -1) / 360) * (N - 1) / T

S – means the amount of decrease of the deposit amount (where the deposit are not withdrawn in full);
R – rate of net interest under an agreement;
N – number of days from the date of making of an agreement to the date of decrease;
T – term of the deposit in days.

Decreasing the amount:

- Permitted
- Minimum amount of decrease - 5 000 AZN/USD/EUR
- Interest for the drawn sum are calculated under corresponding formula
- Deposit amonut can be decreased till 10 000 AZN/USD/EUR

Increasing the amount:

- Permitted
- Increase is permitted only during the first half of the term.
- Minimum amount of increase - 5 000 AZN/USD/EUR.

Automatic extension of the term:

 In accordance with interest rates used by the Bank as of the relevant date

Extra benefits:

- Up to the end of validity of the deposit, free-of-charge plastic card MC Business can be given out:
- If the sum of the contribution up to 50 000 AZN/USD/EUR 1 card; If the sum of the contribution from 50 000 up to 100 000 AZN/USD/EUR 2 cards; If the sum of the contribution from above 100 000 AZN/USD/EUR 3 cards
- Cardholders name should be given in writing by authorized person of firm
- Depositor can get a credit. Condition of credit is defined by Credit Comitee
- In a case if Depositor already used the privileges to get a free cards, the additional ordered card will be given on a current conditions

From June 1, 2020, the maximum annual interest rate on protected deposits in national currency is set at 12%, and in foreign currency - at 2.5%. Interest on deposits is paid in the amount calculated before the date of the insured event.

In addition, we would like to note that deposits accepted at participating banks no more than 15% per annum until September 16, 2016, are also considered protected deposits from September 16, 2016 and are insured by the Fund. The upper limit of interest rates on insured bank deposits is set at 12% per annum (up to 30,000 manat).

Interest rate

İnterest rates are defined on individual basis.

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