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«Dynamic» deposit

Minimum amount100 AZN / USD / EUR
Maximum amountunlimited
TermFrom 6 month to 24 months
Read more Interest rate

Extendable up to half term deposit

Interest payments on the basis of early withdrawal of deposits

Deposit calculator
Deposit terms

Currency of the account



From 6 month to 24 months (Period starting from 3 months in USD and 12 months in EUR currency)

Interest payment

Monthly, on maturity

Original amount of the deposit


Maximum amount of the deposit



in AZN: min 8% - max. 13%

in USD: min.0.5% - max. 3%

in EUR: min.1.0% - max.1.05%

Rates of the interest

Increasing the deposit amount No increase is permitted upon expiration of the half of the term of the deposit account.

Where at the time of the increase of the deposit amount there exist deposit terms and conditions identical to the service fees and conditions, increase shall be subject to such terms and conditions, while in all other cases the increase shall be subject to the rate of interest indicated in the agreement, provided that interest is paid monthly. Minimum amount of the increase - 100 AZN/USD/EUR.

Decreasing the deposit amount Permitted.

Minimum amount of decrease - 100 AZN/USD/EUR.

Additional benefits

Where the amount of the deposit is equal to or over 1000 AZN/USD/EUR, customer is issued with free VISA Deposit card, and where the amount of the deposit equals at least 10000 AZN/USD/EUR and the term of such deposit is at least 12 months, customer is issued with free VISA Gold card. Where there are remain N months until the maturity of the deposit, the deposit card is issued for N+1 months.

Note: Where there is any card issued under the deposit account, interest must be transferred to the card account.

Terms of Loan linked to deposit account

You can get cash loan or open credit line linked to your deposit account. Minimum amount of credit line is 1000 AZN/USD, minimum amount of cash loan is 500 AZN/USD, maximum amount of credit line or cash loan is 100.000 AZN/USD. The currency of cash loan or credit line is defined as the same with the currency of deposit account. The amount of credit line or cash loan linked to deposit in AZN currency can be up to 70%, in USD maximum up to 80% of total balance of deposit account. Interest rate of credit line or cash loan is defined as +3% attractive interest rate on deposit account in AZN currency, for deposits in USD is determined in accordance with the following table and depending on the amount of the balance of all deposits in USD, as well attractive interest rates:

The total amount of the balance of all deposits in USDIf less than 10% of attractive interest rate on depositAt or above of 10% attractive interest rate on deposit
Up to 10000 (10000 isn’t included)attractive interest rate +3,00%attractive interest rate +2,50%
From 10000 to 49999attractive interest rate +2,50%attractive interest rate +1,50%
From 50000 to 99999attractive interest rate +2,25%attractive interest rate +1,00%
100 000 and moreattractive interest rate +2,00%attractive interest rate +0,50%


Withdrawal of the deposit amount prior to the maturity

Interest upon deposit or part of deposit withdrawn prior to the maturity shall be calculated as per the following formula: interest due on repaid amount or the amount of decrease (hereinafter referred to as «F») shall be recalculated under the following formula:
F = S * (R * (N -1) / 360) * (N - 1) / T

S – means the amount of decrease of the deposit amount (where the deposit are not withdrawn in full);
R – rate of interest under an agreement;
N – number of days from the date of making of an agreement to the date of decrease;
T – term of the deposit in days.

Automatic extension

Where on the day following the date of expiration of the term of the deposit account the owner of the deposit account does not require the repayment of the deposit the term of the deposit account shall, where such terms and conditions exist, be extended upon the same terms and conditions being in effect at that time for deposits, and in all other cases – for the same period of time with monthly payment of an interest. Where there is no identical product, rate of interest shall be regulated by the fees and terms and conditions as applicable by the Bank.

* Where a customer is issued with any free card and thereafter applies for any further card, the additional card shall be issued subject to the payment of the existing fees.

** Credit line for deposit in Euro is opened in AZN. In such a case, the amount of the allocated credit line shall be determined on an assumption that the deposit in Euro would have been placed in AZN.

Note: Where the total of balances in deposit accounts of the customer exceeds, following the increase, the amount of 500,000 provisional units, interest applicable upon such an amount shall be unilaterally changed by the Bank and shall be determined to be the difference of interest rates as indicated in the Bank’s fees.

Following the decision of the Board of  Trustees of the Deposits Insurance Fund of Azerbaijan, with effect from February 24, 2015 the maximum amount of the interest for the savings insured by the Fund (up to AZN 30,000) is resolved to be up to 12%.

Interest rate


Term (month)Interest is paid monthlyInterest is paid at the end of period
3 0.5%  0.5% 

For customers willing to deposits funds in excess of 500,000 (AZN, USD or EUR) the standard interest rates above would not apply and the terms and conditions will need to be agreed on individual basis

Dear Depositors!

We hereby inform you that according to deposit agreement concluded between you and Bank of Baku OJSC and terms and conditions thereof, the Bank is enforcing following changes and amendments unilaterally as of 21.07.2015:

Your deposits in USD allocated until and including 28.05.2015 may be increased in aggregate by up to 50% of the deposit balance as of 04.06.2015, but in ina case no more than USD 20 000 and no more than by USD 1 500 on monthly basis under contractual terms and conditions until the last day of prolongation.