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Security Requirements

To avoid fraud when performing transactions using payment cards, the cardholders should comply with at least the below security requirements:

  • immediately after receiving the payment card (hereinafter referred to as the card) at the bank branch, put a signature in the signature strip on its reverse side,
  • do not share the card and card details (card number, validity, CVV, and PIN set for the card) with other persons,
  • keep the PIN in a form inaccessible to other persons, do not store it with the card, and dot write it on the card. Remember the PIN,
  • a new PIN can be set using the PIN Change service via an ATM if the card supports this service. Combinations such as date of birth and sequential numbers should not be used when setting a new PIN,
  • to receive timely information on the card transactions, connect to the SMS-notification service and use the electronic banking (Internet and mobile banking) service provided by the bank,
  • in the case of detecting loss, theft, or use of the card by an unauthorized person, immediately contact the bank (on business days, from 09:00 to 20:00 contact the Call Center 145, at other hours and on days-off call to *8893) and block the card. The card can also be blocked via SMS and Internet banking. When contacting the bank, specify the last 8 digits of the card number and the code word,
  • use ATMs installed in public areas, i.e. bank branches, large malls, government institutions, and their surrounding well-lit areas,
  • when using an ATM, pay attention to the absence of any foreign devices in the money issue, card reader, and keyboard areas, otherwise refuse from the transaction and inform the Bank,
  • the card and card details should be inaccessible for viewing by unauthorized persons when performing transactions via ATMs and POS terminals. E.g., when entering a PIN with one hand, you may close visibility with the other one,
  • for online payments, it is recommended to use virtual cards of Bank of Baku OJSC,
  • card details should be entered only on websites protected by SSL certificates signed by reputable certification authorities,
  • to ensure security during online payments, connect to the 3D Secure service and complete transactions with a password received via SMS notification,
  • online payments should be performed through a personal computer, otherwise, the card details should not be saved.
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