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Frequently Asked Questions

What transactions can be performed using a payment card?

The below transactions can be performed using a payment card:

  • payment of the cost of goods, works, and services,
  • payment of taxes, fees, and other mandatory payments to the state budget and off-budget state funds,
  • currency exchange,
  • receiving cash,
  • cashless transfer of funds from your card account to another card account,
  • money transfer,
  • other transactions not contradicting the legislation and used in business turnover.

In some cases, depending on the payment card type, restrictions may be imposed on the above transactions. E.g., online payments can only be performed using Virtual Cards.

Ödəniş kartının vaxtı bitdikdə yeni kart necə sifariş edilməlidir?

A new payment card can be ordered on the bank's website, in the DostBank Mobile Banking solution, by contacting the Call Center 145 or physically contacting a bank branch.

How is the service fee charged if the transaction is performed in a currency other than the card account currency?

When a transaction is performed using a payment card in a currency other than the card account currency (e.g., in US dollars using a payment card linked to a card account in the national currency), the exchange rate is adopted, which is in effect on the date the funds under this transaction are debited from the bank account.

Thus, despite the transaction is performed on a certain date, according to the rules of international card organizations, the bank receives a payment order to write off funds only after a few days. The bank debits funds from the card account according to the exchange rate in effect on that date. In this case, additional service fees may be deducted from the cardholder account due to the changes in the exchange rate.

To avoid this situation, use payment cards that directly support the transaction currency.

How do I change or unblock my PIN?

  • To change the PIN known to the cardholder and choose a more easily remembered combination, the cardholder should contact the bank or perform this operation through the ATM infrastructure.
    The service fee for changing the PIN (known to the customer) is 1 (one) AZN.
  • If the cardholder has forgotten the PIN of the payment card provided by the Bank or the card has been blocked as a result of 3 (three) incorrectly entered PINs, a new PIN can be set through the Bank's ATM infrastructure. In this case, use the ‘Set a New PIN’ function at the ATM by entering the password received via SMS notification in the opening menu. As a result, a new PIN will be set.
    To use the service, the SMS Banking should be active for the payment card. The holders of cards for which the SMS Banking is inactive should contact the Call Center 145 and restore the PIN after connecting to the SMS Banking.
  • The blocked PIN can be restored on business days by contacting the bank branch or the Call Center 145. The cardholder should contact the Call Center 145 and provide his/her name and surname, identity certifying document details, date of birth, and the last 6 (six) digits of the card number.
    When unblocking the PIN, the cardholder will pay a service fee of 2 (two) AZN.

How are contactless payments performed?

Contactless payments are usually performed via ATMs, POS terminals, or other payment terminals supporting such transactions. The PIN is not required to perform contactless payments for up to 50 (fifty) AZN using payment cards issued by the bank. The PIN code should be entered to perform transactions for the amount specified or more.

What taxes are applicable to the payment card transactions?

Pursuant to the amendments to the Tax Code according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Amendments to the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan" dated December 16, 2016, pursuant to Article 101.5 of this Code, "The tax at the rate of 10 percent shall be withheld from the winnings (rewards) received in the monetary form from the sports gambling, lottery, as well as other competitions and contests (except for the cash funds received from gambling, competitions, and contests arranged abroad the Republic of Azerbaijan) on the amount remaining after deducting funds (investment) paid for participation”.

Pursuant to Article 125.1-1 of the Tax Code, when residents of the Republic of Azerbaijan transfer funds to an account created in an electronic wallet belonging to non-residents, the tax at the rate of 10 percent of the amount transferred shall be withheld by the local bank performing the transaction, a branch of a foreign bank in the Republic of Azerbaijan, or the national postal operator from the source of payment.

     Other taxable transactions performed using payment cards are associated with the provision of works and services in the electronic commerce form. Pursuant to Article 169.3 of the Tax Code:

“When making payments for the provision of works and services in the electronic commerce form to a non-resident who is not registered for VAT purposes by persons who have not been registered with the tax authorities, VAT shall be charged on the amount payable to the non-resident and paid in the manner prescribed hereby”.

What should be done in the case of loss, theft, or use of a payment card by an unauthorized person?

In such circumstances, you should immediately contact the bank (on business days, from 09:00 to 20:00 contact the Call Center 145, at other hours and on days-off call to *8893) and block the payment card.

What is the 3D Secure service for?

This is a technology used by international card organizations to identify cardholders for security purposes when performing online transactions using payment cards. This service is activated automatically when a payment card is issued to a customer.

What is a virtual payment card?

A virtual payment card is a prepaid card issued by the Bank to increase the security level when customers perform transactions via the Internet. The customer can purchase a virtual payment card through the Bank's self-service ATM network. Note that the card is not physically issued, only part of the card details is printed on the receipt, and the other part is sent via SMS.

How are disputes associated with the payment card transactions resolved?

If the cardholder finds that the transaction performed using his/her payment card has not been completed, he/she should contact the Bank branch with an application and provide all the required information on the bank's payment transaction. Based on a written request from the cardholder, the Bank initiates a chargeback procedure depending on the transaction nature.

How can I receive information on the payment card transactions?

To receive information on the payment card transactions, activate the SMS-notification service. This information can also be obtained through the Internet and Mobile Banking. A card account statement can be obtained by contacting a bank branch.

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