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Bonus Card

Bonus Card

For money transfer customers

Fee for the issue of the cardNil    
Validity of the card36 months
Currency of the cardAZN

Payment Card Security Precautions

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Special bonuses

Option for the bonus encashment

Fast track service


Encashment of bonus:

  • Where the accumulated amount of bonus is above AZN 5, such bonus can be encashed.
  • Encashment of bonus is possible only through ATMs and POS terminals of "Bank of Baku" OJSC.

Required documents:

  • Personal ID Card only.

Change of card status:

  • Free of charge

Card replacement:

  • AZN 5

Issue of PIN duplicate:

  • AZN 5

Card renewal (extension):

  • Free of charge

Issue of an additional card:

  • AZN 5 

Reactivation of card:

  • AZN 2

"Chargeback" review:

  • AZN 10

Encashment at "Bank of Baku" ATMs:

  • Free of charge



Placement of private funds to the card:

  • Not applicable

Change of PIN through ATM:

  • AZN 1

No other operations are permitted.

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