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Opening current account and various cash and non-cash transactions

Current account – is used to keep funds and perform non-cash settlements, receive and send money transfers. Account transactions can be performed solely by the account holder or his\her agent authorized with a power of attorney. Bank of Baku offers its corporate clients options of opening current accounts in various currencies, and performing cash and non-cash transactions.

Opening a current account: no fees applied

Documents required from individuals and legal entities to open a current account:

Legal entities:

  • Application to open a current account (submitted at the Bank)
  • Notarized signature and stamp/seal sample (submitted at the Bank, 2 copies)
  • Bank account agreement (submitted at the Bank, 2 copies)
  • Notarized copy of articles of incorporation
  • Notarized copy of state registration certificate
  • Original of duplicate-certificate issued by relevant tax authority (for every account)
  • Identification documents of authorized persons indicated in the signature and stamp sample
  • Internal Order appointing authorized persons indicated in the signature and stamp sample
  • TIN


  • Identification document
  • TIN
  • Duplicate of certificate issued by the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic

Crediting the current account – You can credit any amount of funds at any point of time to your current account with no commissions charged

Cash withdrawal from current account – At the teller’s desk you can cash out funds on you current account within 1 year with no commissions applied. Partner companies of Bolkart and other partnership projects are charged 0.4% (min. 5 AZN) cash-out fee.

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