Eyniləşdirilə bilməyən* Virtual kart
* For those who do not have a customer code in Bank of Baku OJSC.
About the card
  • A virtual card is a prepaid card issued by Bank of Baku OJSC for online payments.
  • A virtual card is a prepaid card issued by Bank of Baku OJSC for online payments. Purchasing a virtual card: A virtual card can be purchased through self-service ATMs of Bank of Baku OJSC as follows: at the self-service ATM, choose the ‘Virtual Payment Card’ section, in the new window that opens, choose the ‘Order a New Card’ section, enter your mobile phone number, and click the ‘Next’ button, the next window will display the customer's mobile phone number and the service fee to be paid for the virtual payment card purchase. After checking the mobile phone number and reviewing the service fee, click the ‘Yes’ button on the display and insert cash, upon completion of inserting cash, click the ‘Pay’ button, based on the operation results, the self-service ATM will print a receipt. The receipt contains the virtual payment card number received by the customer, the masked card number, its validity, CVV, and the transaction ID will be sent to the customer's mobile phone number via SMS notification, the transaction ID is used to continue the operation and resolve disputes if the card issuance has not been completed. Instead of the ‘Order a New Card’ section, the customer should choose the ‘Continue Current Operation’ section and enter the transaction ID. Further, the above steps for purchasing a card are fulfilled.
  • Prepaid virtual card: Validity: 3 months Service fee: 3 AZN Maximum amount: 500 AZN (net of service fee) Prepaid Card Transactions When shopping online, the virtual cardholder should enter the 16-digit code specified on the receipt, the 3-digit CVV code received via SMS notification, and the card validity expiration date.*“Bank of Baku” ASC-də müştəri kodu olmayan şəxslər üçün.
  • Security Requirements the virtual card is issued to ensure the security of online transactions performed by cardholders; non-cash transfer of funds from one to another card account and money transfer transactions are not performed using a virtual card; to resolve issues arising in connection with the virtual card purchase, the performance of transactions using a virtual card at self-service ATMs and via the Internet, please contact the Bank (on business days, from 09:00 to 20:00 contact the Call Center 145, at other hours and on days-off call to *8893).