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Risk management

Credit Risk may arise at the level of a loan or of a portfolio.

 The following factors may cause the arising of credits risks at the level of individual loans:

  • Lack of funds of the borrower for the repayment of the loan and for making payments under the credit facility
  • Security liquidity risk
  • Failure of sureties to comply with their obligations
  • Personal features applicable upon a borrower.


The following factors may cause the arising of credits risks at the level of a loans portfolio:

  • High concentration in respect of any specific field of economy
  • Portfolio’s currency concentration
  • Failure of the loan portfolio to correspond to the requirements of the bank
  • Personnel’s qualifications.


Management of credit  risks includes the following stages:

  • Evaluation of a credit risk;
  • Monitoring of a credit risk;
  • Regulation of a credit risk.


The following methods may be conducive to achieving the goals and purposes of the management of credit risks:

  • Thresholds system (limits);
  • Authorities and decision making system;
  • Information system;
  • Monitoring system;
  • Control system.


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